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The APA is a professional body devoted to serving the Accounts Payable/ Purchase Ledger professional community. Here at the APA we are committed to Accounts Payable being increasingly viewed as a separate and distinguishable profession and having a set of certifications to recognise and support this.

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Towards the end of last year we posted a picture out via different media platforms which asked one simple question :


We have been overwhelmed with the amount of reponses so thought rather than respond individually with our thoughts we would collate them into a document with all of the major issues peope face around invoice approval and solutions offered by both our members & industry experts....

If you would like a copy please complete the form at the bottom of the page inserting "COPY of Invoice Approval Questionnaire" in the title

Please continue to give us your thoughts on the issue & solutions...

Until next time


APA team..


“People work for people – they do not work for businesses”          – Donn Carr

This has been my mantra for as along as I can remember. The message is so simple, full of truth and direction, yet it is consistently ignored by human resource departments, managers and owners alike and they wonder why their turnover is so high or they are always having to look for new people. The problem is with the managers – and seldom the employee or the quality of the workforce. This has been proven and well documented by study after study.

I don’t think this happens on purpose, most managers I meet have never been taught the art of developing people. Many rose to the rank of managers simply because they outlasted the last one and this lack of people training leaves the new manager with the only experience they know – to mimic the old boss.

This does make perfect sense when you think about it. All I should have to do is mimic the actions of the outgoing boss or the one above them. It should not come as a surprise when we see our managers yell or threaten their employees, make promises they won’t keep, or lead by the old adage “Do what I say and not what I do” failing to set the example or even clearly give expectations. After all, that is what the old boss did.

If you or your organization is experiencing high turnover or even more turnover than you would like, start with examining yourself and how you interact with your team. Here are nine proven reasons guaranteed to cause good employees to quit. Any one of them alone starts the process - if you find three or more you have some serious work ahead of you to correct. 

1. The Employees are Over Worked. In start-ups this happens all of the time and the managers simply do not see the handwriting on the wall. Talented employees love to contribute and will produce more, however if you plan on having them do more you best be prepared to increase their status as well. Talented team members will not stay if their job suffocates them in the process.

After some time of looking for a new role, you have finally been able to get an interview at a highly reputable company, in the accounts payable department, and now it is time to prepare. Preparation is the key to success as they say and so we thought we would compile a list of the best tips of tricks to do before your interview, to ensure it is successful.

  1. Research
    It goes without saying that you should research the company before you arrive for an interview. Go to their website, look at the style, culture, and tone of voice. Look out for any news articles that may be online about them, as well how they engage with people on social media, both are good indicators of their company culture. If you know someone that works at the company or has done so in the past, then pick their brain to ensure you have a vast amount of knowledge. It shows you have an interest in the company, as well as the role, and hopefully, it will impress your employer. Research the industry too and know what is current.​
  2. Know yourself
    Have a browse through your own CV, make sure that you know it well so that any interview questions about it can be answered in a concise manner. This would be particularly useful with questions such as “which accounting software do you have experience with?” Make sure to take notes if you know you may get flustered, also it is a good measure to know what you want from your career in accounts payable and in life in general. Google your own name, as the potential employer may do this and you should be aware of what they may see. All of this will prepare for the “Tell me about yourself question”, especially if you have notes prepared.​
  3. Plan
    Ensure that you know where the interview will be held, how to get there and to leave sufficient time so you aren’t late, whatever happens. Print out a couple copies of your CV, just in case. Find out the format of the interview if you can, whether it will be a one-on-one, group or a panel interview. Take only the necessities to the interview, this will allow you to concentrate on it fully. But if you have been asked to bring certain things, such as certificates or references, have these ready to go to avoid the last minute rush in the morning of your interview. Also, think about the questions you would like to ask your potential employer, it is always a good idea to have some ready.​
  4. Get up to Date
    Be up-to-date with the latest e-invoicing systems and accoutns payable processes so that you can show your potential employer that you keep up to date with the industry and may know of new ways to improving company efficiency.
  5. Attire
    Make sure that the clothes and shoes that you intend to wear for the interview are smart, clean and neat. They say that a first impression is made within the first five seconds of meeting someone, make sure the one you make is a positive one.​

  6. Be Conscious
    Once you are within the interview, think of your body language, arrive in good time, so you can relax before you start the interview, and just do your best.

Interviews can be a minefield at times but if you treat them like an exam or with great importance, then it is sure to work in your favour, as failing to plan is planning to fail.

Good luck in your AP pursuits!


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