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So, you’ve been working hard in your current role, you’ve put the hours in, made improvements learned new skills and you’ve noticed salaries out there for the same role in Accounts Payable or P2P are higher than yours. If you want a higher salary, you’ve got two obvious options – Find a new employer or ask for a pay rise with your current employer. If you decide to go with the latter option, here’s our advice;

Request a meeting…

The best way to begin a dialog with your manager about pay is in a private meeting. Make sure you give yourself ample time to prepare and work out the reasons you’re asking for and feel you deserve a pay rise.

Do some research…

Make sure you have enough information to present a strong case for your manager to increase your pay. This might include any recent achievements, new skills learned and strong performance.

You can also research the average salary in your area for the role you are performing – try using the APA Salary Survey 2017 to compare your salary.

Be aware of timing…

No matter how well you’re doing at work and how much you feel you deserve a pay rise, there may be other factors in the business which mean your manager cannot approve a pay rise. Do some research and try to find out the financial position of the company, if it’s not doing very well, you may be less likely to receive good news.

Sell yourself…

Put together details of your recent achievement, hit targets etc. and show your manager why they should invest more heavily in you. Often the decision to increase pay is a decision made by the business, so make sure you clearly outline what they’re investing in.

Keep a positive attitude…

If after your efforts, you don’t get the par rise you were hoping for, remember to keep a positive attitude and stay professional. You still have options and it may be time to start exploring them but you will need to maintain a good relationship with your manager if you want to be able to present other potential employers with good references.

If you find yourself in this position, make sure you check out the APA Official Job Board – the only UK job board dedicated to Accounts Payable and P2P jobs. Sign up now

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