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  1. APA Salary Survey 2017 Results! Free to all

     The Accounts Payable Association have conducted a salary survey of AP processionals of all level across the whole of the UK. We've even compare salaries of those who are APA certified with their non-certified counter parts - you may find the...
  2. How to request a pay rise...

    So, you’ve been working hard in your current role, you’ve put the hours in, made improvements learned new skills and you’ve noticed salaries out there for the same role in Accounts Payable or P2P are higher than yours. If you want a...
  3. How do you celebrate after landing your new job?

    It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve been taking time out to go to interviews, some stressful, some enjoyable and you’ve made some great contacts along the way. After considering the interviews you’ve attended and the company cultures...
  4. What It Takes To Succeed In Accounts Payable

        Find out what it takes to succeed in AP and share your views and ideas on what it takes!   Download our guide now     
  5. How to impress your new employer and live up to your CV in your new job…

    You’ve done the hard work and landed the job of your dreams… It’s a great time for you and you can’t wait to get stuck into your new role…  But keep in mind, the hard work is not over and you need to impress your...


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