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Everybody loves networking!

One of the main benefits of the establishment of the Accounts Payable Association is the way it delivers the ability for AP professionals to network together. Throughout this page we discuss ways that APA members can meet; network and exchange ideas with other members.

Improve your networking opportunities with the APA

Benefits of networking

Just a few of the benefits of networking are:

  • Collaboration on projects – By networking with new contact it’s possible to share costs and collaborate on projects, e.g. new tools/templates development, etc.
  • Increase your profile – Through networking and making a positive contribution wherever possible a member’s profile will naturally increase and have more value
  • New inspiration and ideas – Networking opens up the eyes and the mind to new thinking, new ideas and new innovations
  • Learn from other people’s experiences – Allied to the last point, there’s nothing better than learning from others experiences. Don’t make the mistakes they did, learn from them and make better decisions and manage AP more effectively

APA forum

We have over 31,000 members on our AP Forum LinkedIn Group and have seen the way this encourages networking, but we’re expecting this to soar to new heights with the establishment of the APA.

On this website the forum can be accessed via clicking the APA forum link. This forum (as like any other) provides members with an opportunity to directly message other members and exchange views on a range of AP related topics.

The forum is fully moderated ensuring fair play and that any abuse is “weeded out” quickly for the benefit of all members.

So join us on the forum, we’d love to hear you opinions, thoughts and comments and please make a contribution to some of the threads.

Networking is beneficial to all

Training courses

Another way of networking with other members of the APA is through training courses. There are three specific courses we’ve created which are delivered by the APA.

If attending our Birmingham offices there’s a great chance to network with fellow AP professionals who will (most likely) be at a similar level to you and you’ll naturally share common challenges and issues.

We also detail a range of other training opportunities on the website. These are provided by external accredited training companies and represent a wonderful opportunity for networking.

Events and seminars

Attending our events and seminars is another way of meeting fellow AP professionals. Each and every month there are many AP related events and seminars for which we publish all the information you will need. When attending these courses members will naturally network and meet new people, exchange ideas and benefit from learning about other people’s experiences.

Annual AP event forum event

The Annual AP event forum event is our headline event of the year. If there is one event you should attend then this is it. Meet the full APA leadership and support team, learn about new ideas and innovations within the AP and also enjoy the evening meal and celebrations.

Staged just once per year this is a classic opportunity to meet “anybody and everybody” from the AP industry. This is probably the one event which has the most AP staff in one venue at any given point in time!

Blog article commenting

Another way of networking will be to leave comments, exchange ideas and views on blog articles published on our website. The APA will self-publish and add member produced blog articles each week. By commenting you’re naturally networking with other APA members and adding value to the content published. The world of AP after all is full of opinions!

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