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What is the APA Forum?

The APA forum is an interactive online forum style chat room. Only open to members the APA forum is yet another example of the benefits of member subscription.

Members can benefit from the forum in a number of ways including posting of questions, raising queries, issues and concerns to other forum members.

The online forum is a place for like-minded AP professionals to meet and network. Popular topics include new and emerging technologies, procedures and trends and also the obtaining of critical benchmarking statistics relating to AP in other organisations.

Examples of recent forum topics

One of the main observations of the APA forum is that the topics are so wide and varied. Recent topics of conversation on the forum have included for example: -

  • How to Implementation SAP (especially the AP module)
  • Scanning Solution providers
  • VAT claims allowable for a variety of goods & services
  • Expense Policies management and
  • Recruitment providers

The forum is fully searchable; many members use this search functionality to search for archive topics on a subject they have a current area of focus in.

Moderation, scrutiny and reporting to admin

All comments posted to the APA forum are auditable, even comments which have been deleted can be checked by admin staff (from archive records, etc.) It’s important that all members show respect on the forum and treat others like they would like to be treated themselves. Largely the forum will be self-policing, but there are admin operators who will remove offensive material, challenge offenders and also remove misleading or exaggerated claims/advice.


The forum is consistently one of the main areas where the APA receives positive feedback from members. We wholeheartedly recommend that visitors both read and post to the forum.

Why not visit the forum and judge its value for yourself today?

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