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Another important aspect of the APA and something we can help members with is research into benchmarking and salary surveys. Take the doubt and curiousity away by reading our comprehensive content on these topics.

AP benchmarks provided by the APA

The APA published benchmarking surveys on a quarterly basis. These are assembled by APA members and set useful benchmarks that our members will find valuable. Examples of benchmark information that the APA publishes are:

  • Invoices processed per FTE member of staff
  • % if invoices with/without purchase orders
  • Total number of AP invoices processed per week
  • The number of non-compliant invoices per organisation
  • Debit balances and their age
  • % of invoices that are paper as a % of total (i.e. measure digital invoicing volume)

Read some great benchmarking information produced by the APA

Benchmarks from the APA are assembled from organisations which subscribe to a UK Gallup poll, which measures their performance. These benchmarks provide the opportunity for our members to look at exactly how efficiently their organisation is performing compared to the benchmarks – which can act as a catalyst for change. They are also useful to research as a part of member continuous professional development (CPD). CPD to follow.

Salary surveys

As in all professions, APA members would like to know if their pay is sufficient compared to national/local pay averages for their role. Request your copy of the APA 2017 Salary Survey Results Now!

The APA publishes results to our very own yearly salary survey (Request your copy now) , which is itemised by AP specific roles and regions throughout the UK. This information is invaluable for the AP professional for career planning purposes. The same information is also ideal for employers to ensure their pay is competitive for the roles and their local area.

These APA salary surveys are a valuable accompaniment to the information contained within our Career HQ section. In this area there is a wealth of information covering areas such as (career paths, interview guidance and CV tips).

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The benchmarking and salary surveys information are both examples of member only content. It would be a shame to miss out on this invaluable information, which alone pays the price of membership. So why not join the APA today?

Contacting the APA

If you’d like to speak to the APA about benchmarking, salary surveys or becoming a member please contact any of our offices.


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