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Best practices – another member benefit from the APA

Throughout their many years working in finance and in Accounts Payable specifically the APA team have gained experience with many different organisations. From these experiences a range of industry standard AP best practices have been developed which the APA are delighted to share with members.

These best practices are designed to educate and inform and can be used as the starting point to further develop and enhance the standards within your own organisation.

Read and enjoy the best practice guides from the APA

Member only content

The APA best practices are very high-quality guides published by leading members of the APA and people who are respected in the AP community.

To gain access to this valuable information become a member of the APA, best practices are just another example of the benefits available to APA members.

So why not join the APA today and take advantage of all the benefits including these best practice guides?

Example best practice topics

The APA publishes best practice advice on many topics. These are designed to cover a wide variety of AP topics and also some wider finance and general management topics too. Example best practice areas include: -

  • AP job roles and descriptions
  • AP reporting – weekly, monthly, yearly and adhoc reporting
  • AP team structuring
  • Career development – planning a career in AP
  • Corporate governance and compliance within AP
  • General AP controls
  • Invoice entry
  • Payment entry
  • Static data updating and
  • Statement reconciliation

Best practice contributions from APA members are also welcomed

Member best practice contributions

The APA realise that members will have their own examples of best practices. In some cases these may further extend the existing best practices we have. In other cases you may have entirely new best practices which you wish to share. In which case we’d love to hear from you, please contact us using the details below.


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