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Training courses available from the APA

As a professional members organisation the APA recognises the vital importance of training and development. This is why we have created three training courses to help AP professionals to develop and hone their AP skills.

Education and Training with the APA

For details of our courses, please visit the following pages:

Training courses from independent training providers

The APA has a range of training courses also available from independent training providers. We have engaged with a number of training providers and negotiated attractive rates for their additional AP, financial, business and management courses.

Further details will be provided in the near future.

The first accredited AP qualification within the UK

The APA will shortly be announcing the first accredited AP qualification within the UK. This qualification will be split into three separate stages.

The qualification will enable members to demonstrate their knowledge of AP and where they are currently positioned (at varying levels) to their current employers or perhaps prospective employers too. This qualification will also be heavily promoted throughout the UK to increase its value, worth and recognition within the overall UK finance community.

Our research shows that formal qualifications are a popular idea with both prospective members and employers alike. This view is echoed by recruitment agencies who have said this qualification would help candidates to have a competitive edge and demonstrate competency and experience.

How to contact the APA

If you are a member and would like to discuss training and development (whether this is a discussion about what already exists or some possible new ideas) with the APA please feel free to contact us.

Or if you are a representative of a training company who have custom AP related training courses, please contact the APA using the information provided below.

Please contact the Birmingham Office


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