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As a professional members organisation the APA represents the interests of Accounts Payable staff in the UK and around the world. The APA website offers advice, expertise and guidance relating to the accounts payable and purchase ledger professions.

This website is new, but over time this page will lead to represent an archive of press releases and announcements from the APA. We publish press releases on a regular basis. These are published with intent to publicise and underpin the valuable work of the APA and also as a mechanism to comment and react to news and developments in the accounts payable world.

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IOFM – Las Vegas Conference


We had the pleasure of visiting IOFM’s APP2P conference last week to learn & network with over 1000 global leaders/participants in the Accounts Payable world. After being slightly overwhelmed by the size of event locations in Las Vegas we were pleasantly surprised by the support Accounts Payable has in the US.


So what’s different across the pond?


Not a lot… other than currency, tax & compliance Accounts Payable faces the same challenges globally. During our stay we took part in a number of round table discussions with a majority focusing on the same areas: -

·         AP Automation

·         AP Recognition

·         Staff training/retention

·         AP Payments/P Cards

·         AP Robotics


We were also fortunate enough to listen to some highly inspirational AP Leaders give their stories on how they achieved success whilst continuing to strive on improving their functions and the teams they manage.


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